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Taking Inventory

A poem by: Helen Zegerman Schwimmer | Categories: Literary Writings

Now that I’ve outgrown

the hand-me-down furniture stage


I’ve survived

the crayon-marks-on-the-wall stage


I’ve eliminated every

potty seat,

booster seat and

car seat from my inventory


I’ve witnessed the last case

of Perego and Umbroller stroller

gridlock in my foyer


I’ve finally started living

in my living room,

it occurs to me

that adolescence

is a high price to pay

for surviving


About Helen Zegeman Schwimmer

Helen Zegerman Schwimmer is the author of The Wedding Gown That Made History & Other Stories, available on Amazon at . “Taking Inventory” is part of a family chronicle written while raising her three children, who now have children of their own. For more information please visit

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